Was this really the babe magnet the advertisement claims? If so, where can they still be bought?

"Girl's can't resist the KISS ME NECKTIE as it GLOWS in the DARK!

A smart tie by day, at night a magic tie. It's novel different barrels of FUN!

By day, a lovely swank tie ... by night, a call to love in glowing words!

MEN ... BOYS ... Now amaze your friends! Surprise and thrill every girl you meet! Be different and the life of the party in any crowd! Here's the most amazing spectacular necktie that you ever wore, a smart wrinkle-proof, tailored cravat, which at night is a thrilling sensation! It's smart, superb class by day, and just imagine in the dark it seems like a necktie of compelling allure sheer magic!

Like a miracle of light there comes a pulsing, glowing question - WILL YOU KISS ME IN THE DARK, BABY? Think of the surprise, the awe you will cause! There's no trick, no hidden batteries, no switches or foolish horseplay, but a thing of loveliness as the question emerges gradually to life, touched by the wand of darkness, and your girl will gasp with wonder as it takes form so amazingly.

It's new ... utterly different ... a Hollywood riot wherever you go. And here's wonderful news! You can see, examine this glorious tie yourself without risk ... just mail the coupon!"


Glow In The Dark Necktie

Glow In The Dark Necktie - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book