These must have been a sight to behold, but maybe they may look a bit dated if you had them in your car today!

"Glorify Your Car With These Leopard Or Cobra Reversible Design Seat Covers

NOW! Enjoy these beautiful seat covers for 5 days at MY risk! You'll be thrilled with the fine design made famous by CADILLAC. SAVE $4.00 on each seat cover you buy! See how they beautify your car and protect the upholstery.

Yes! Try them right in your own car. WITHOUT OBLIGATION - entirely at MY risk! If not delighted your money comes right back - no questions asked, You have everything to gain - NOTHING to lose!

For All Cars All Makes All Models

  • Water & Grease Proof
  • Full Fire Retardant
  • Glamorous Silky Finish

New Adjustomatic Feature!

Slide on ... slide off ... in 1 minute. So easy and fast to install! You'll love the feel of this genuine VYNII, material! It's so silky looking ... yet TOUGH! Resists flame, water grease, grim and soiling by babies and pets."


Glorify Your Car

Glorify Your Car - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book