By the looks of the illustration this telescope is ideal to spy on girls in swim wear!

SUPER-POWERED RANGE BRINGS DISTANCE CLOSE-UP! Here is the most remarkable offer that we have ever made. Now you can see most everything you want to see ... at the ballgame ... beach ... sailing ... nature study ... stars ... races. Bring distant objects so clearly close to your eye that they will seem almost near enough to touch. Why feel frustrated and baffled by something for away that you want to see in full detail? Why be limited in your vision when you can multiply it 13 to 15 times with this amazing 3 super-powered lens GIANT TELESCOPE. Quick1y overcomes the handicap of distance .., the magnification does it like magic. This new telescopic invention is a miracle of mass production economy and engineering ingenuity. Made to last from available war-time materials, it is the equal in performance of telescopes that sell for as much as $15.00. Think of the wonderful fun you can have by extending your vision 30 miles in full clear detail. Read on for full explanation of this really remarkable invention.

IDEAL FOR SPORTS! Don't miss half the game ... the finish of the race ... the winner at the beauty parade ... the details of nature study. This miracle telescope will give you the most minute details ... bring them close to your eye. There isn't any outdoor sporting event that you can't use one of these telescopes to improve your vision. A seat in the grandstand will become a box seat when you're carrying this SUPER-TELESCOPE. Order yours today ... and don't miss a play.

A PRECISION INSTRUMENT! This giant telescope is not a toy ... definitely not! It has been made with the careful precision of telescopes selling at much higher prices. Each of the 3 high powered lenses have been ground to precision by experts and carefully mounted to insure clear, far-reaching vision. Made of available war-time materials in mass production is the only reason this telescope can be sold at this low price. Adjustable to distance and perspective. Hurry and get yours.


Giant Telescope

Giant Telescope - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book