This appeared in Pep Comics issue #4 in 1940. It looks like an offer too good to be true, which it probably was!

"Earn This Thrilling Prize or Any of 300 Others and Make Spending Money Every Week, Besides!

SH-H-H! Here's the secret. You can become a Junior G-Man with this scientific outfit. Includes 100-power microscope, radial lie detector, chemicals, and mysterious dyes.

Pounce upon that strange fingerprint, run down the "suspect", then slap a lie detector on his arm as you begin your questioning. One of the most thrilling games imaginable.

This is but one of the many prizes you can earn, besides making your own MONEY. It's easy. Just deliver our popular magazines to people you obtain as customers in your neighborhood. Soon you'll have a money-making, prize-earning business. We'll make it so easy for you to start that you can earn a model plane kit the first day.

Speedy Streamlined Bike
IMAGINE yourself diving out of bed, racing downstairs, and finding THIS bike on your doorstep. Imagine leaping upon the cushion-soft saddle, pressing the pedals, and zooming down the street with a flash! Large balloon tires, side-kick stand, matched horn and headlight! This need not be an idle dream. You can have a bike of your own.

You can have other dandy prizes, such as a gold watch, a movie machine, or a portable typewriter. You can have MONEY jingling in your pockets. The way to do it is to build up a business of your own, and deliver our magazines in your neighborhood. It's easy to start. Mail the coupon now."


G-Man Outfit With Lie Detector

G-Man Outfit With Lie Detector - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book