Charles Atlas' advertisements must be one of the most featured of all time. Here is a classic example:

Joe: "HEY! Quit kicking that sand in our faces!"
Girl: "That man is the worst nuisance on the beach"
Joe: "The big bully! I'll get even some day"

Later and after following the Charles Atlas course.....

Joe (as he lays out bully): "What! You here again? Here's something I owe you!"
Girl: "Oh, Joe! You ARE a real man after all!"

If YOU, like Joe, have a body that others can "push around" if you're ashamed to strip for sports or a swim - then give me just 15 minutes a day! I'll PROVE you can have a body you'll be proud of, packed with red-blooded vitality! "Dynamic Tension." That's the secret! That's how I changed myself from a spindle-shanked, scrawny weakling to winner of the title, "World's Most Perfectly Developed Man."

"Dynamic Tension" Does It!
Using "Dynamic Tension" only 15 minutes a day, in the privacy of your own room, you quickly begin to put on muscle, increase your chest measurements, broaden your back, fill out your arms and legs. Before you know it, this easy, NATURAL method will make you a finer specimen of REAL MANHOOD than you ever dreamed you could be! You'll be a New Man!


Fame Instead Of Shame

Fame Instead Of Shame - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book