This advertisement appeared in Strange Suspense Stories Issue #42 published in 1959.

"EXACT REPLICA only $1.00

Here's real battle authenticity. This menacing hand grenade looks and works just like a real one. All, you do is pull the pin, wait 4 seconds, throw the grenade and watch the fun as it explodes automatically. It's completely harmless. but the explosion it makes can be heard for a block.

Really scatters the gang when you throw this baby in their midst. lt sure looks and sounds real. Can't break. Can be exploded over and over again. Heavy gauge steel firing-mechanism.

Only $1 plus 25$ shipping charges. Uses standard caps.


Don't delay! Order now! If not 100% delighted simply return for prompt refund of full purchase price.

Maybe, in this day and age you might get into a bit of trouble with this. But we believe that it made the same sound as a cap gun you so maybe the boast of being heard a block away might be a 'slight' exaggeration."


Exploding Army Hand Grenade

Exploding Army Hand Grenade - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book