This is a fairly common advertisement, that appeared during the Golden Age of comic books. It seems to imply that you could hypnotize women into bending to your will. A rather suspect concept!

"NOW almost anyone can learn the principles of HYPNOTIZING PEOPLE. Hypnotism is a strange and powerful science to help influence THE WILL and the MIND of MEN and WOMEN alike. The TREMENDOUS POWER of HYPNOTIC suggestion has been used in BUSINESS MONEY MATTERS, MARRIAGE and LOVE, on FRIENDS and ENEMIES too! It is not necessary to put your subject to sleep. Everyone, more or less, responds to SUGGESTION and with his eyes WIDE OPEN! Hypnotism is the wonder of the 20th Century. It is used by countless thousands of people all over the world today!

Now you can study the principles of this science SECRETLY at home by Dr. Loon H. Zaller's easy to understand course. He helps you learn step by step In simple English - no confusing or mysterious phrases. He shows you how hypnotism works. He reveals the methods of world famous EXPERTS in hypnotism and TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO!!

Study the SCIENCE OF HYPNOTISM course in your spare time! Read all about the AMAZING FEATS performed by expert HYPNOTISM operators ... how they use this strange, compelling force to put men and women into a hypnotic trance, give commands and demand obedience. No one need know you are taking this course, until you have finished it in the SECRECY of your OWN HOME. Then you are ready to practise Dr. Zeller's SIMPLE, EASY, 10 POINT METHOD. Try it on your intimate relatives. Practice after work or school. Then try your POWERS on your friends and acquaintances ... try it on men, women, young and old."


Easy Hypnotism Course

Easy Hypnotism Course - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book