This advertisement appeared in Fight issue #40 published in 1945.

"Calling ALL DICK TRACY Fans! Calling All DICK TRACY Fans!

Don't Miss This Chance Of A Lifetime To Get Your Genuine DICK TRACY WRIST RADIO It Really Works

The Most Amazing Invention You've Ever Seen

You've Seen It In The Comics ... Here it is, kids ... the one and only DICK TRACY Wrist Radio that actually tunes in stations many miles away! And it's yours to own for only $3.98. Just think of the fun you'll have using it ... listening to ball games ... getting the lowdown on things the very moment they happen, no matter where you may be! With a DICK TRACY Wrist Radio you'll immediately become the most popular kid in town ... the envy of the entire neighborhood!

But remember our quantity is limited, so if you want to be sure of getting yours you had better ACT NOW! WEAR IT LIKE ANY WATCH, TUNE IT IN LIKE ANY RADIO Not just a dream ... but a scientific reality! At last, radio engineers have developed a radio so compact you can wear it on your wrist. Specially built-in earphone assures private reception for your ears alone, and powerful crystal detector pulls in far-off stations.

Comes to you complete with amazingly compact aerial and ground connections. Amuse yourself, amaze your friends! Get on the road to popularity! Clip the handy coupon and order your DICK TRACY Wrist Radio today!"


Dick Tracy Wrist Radio

Dick Tracy Wrist Radio - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book