Davy Crockett Frontier life is here for your kiddies to thrill and enjoy in this large size Davy Crockett playhouse tent. Think of it! In your own back yard where the kiddies can play safely you can set this tent up in a jiffy for frontier and pioneer enjoyment. Even set it up in the house on rainy days. It's a full 10 ft around. Large enough for your kiddies to play in with their friends. Presto Chango you set it up in seconds. No tools needed. Slips over any standard card table. Made of sturdy, durable, washable, safe flameproof DuPont plastic. The realistic Davy Crockett design adds a picturesque touch of realism.

Now, for the first time, can your kiddies live in the great outdoors just like America's favorite hero Davy Crockett. This Davy Crockett play-house tent brings the wild woolly West right to your door. Rush your order while supplies are available at the low price of $1.00 for your complete Davy Crockett playhouse tent.

Now your favorite kiddies anywhere can be happy with a gift of this giant Davy Crockett playhouse tent.


No matter how rough the kiddies abuse this heavy plastic giant Davy Crockett playhouse tent it will withstand their vicious attacks. Makers realizing how rough kiddies can be have used extra heavy plastic to ensure long, long wear. It has already been hailed by parents as a wonderful plaything creation.

Your kiddies will enjoy it, too. Order yours today.


Davy Crockett Playhouse

Davy Crockett Playhouse - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book