This a Special Introductory Offer, the All-In-One cigarette lighter and full-pack case personalized with your name.

This is a must have that will attract any woman, with its style. It only costs $1.98 which includes your name engraved in 23 karat gold without extra cost.

This is new and improved. It gives a cigarette and light - both at the same time. Smart, streamlined and modern.

Read on to see what it could do for you!

  • Woman: May I please have a cigarette, John?
  • John: Sure - they're here someplace
  • Woman: Why - They're all bent!
  • John: Gosh, now I can't find a match!
  • Stranger: May I help? Have a cigarette and a light
  • Woman: What a beautiful case and lighter!
  • John: Hey, where can I get a combination case and lighter like that?
  • Stranger (now dancing with John's date): Just send a coupon to H&S Sales in Chicago
  • Woman: I'll get one too. What a man!

Cigarette Lighter And Case

Cigarette Lighter And Case - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book