This advertisement appeared in Master Comics Issue #16 in 1941. The Spitfire was the iconic British plane during this period and ultimately along with its pilots contributed to the downfall of Hitler and the Third Reich. Unfortunately. the Mechanix Illustrated plans seem to bear no resemblance to the real thing.

"IMAGINE a coaster that looks and sounds like a fast pursuit bomber racing to attack the enemy! A two man crew, consisting of pilot and gunner, send her down the hill at blitzkrieg speed while her machine gun barks between the whirling propeller blades!

You can have such a coaster, because complete plans end instructions for building one will be found in the July MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED. Make this SIDEWALK SPITFIRE in your spare time after school! It's easily constructed and needs only some scrap lumber, roller skate wheels and a few odds and ends.

This is only one of the many exciting and thrilling features in the new MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED. Here's a magazine that's packed from cover to cover with stories, features and pictures of interest to every live-wire American boy. Get your copy today today only 10 cents!"


Build A Sidewalk Spitfire

Build A Sidewalk Spitfire - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book