It is the dawn of the Space Age and one of the first heroes was Buck Rogers. He flew and adventured in the cosmos well before Dr. Who and Captain Kirk.

"Now YOU can own this newest, most sensational instrument. Generates a powerful beam of light and high frequency buzz that you can SEE - HEAR and FEAR! Nothing else like it. Nothing else will give you so much fun - so many thrilling hours. Nothing else will be so admired - so wanted by everybody who sees it.

You press the trigger. It lights! It sounds! It flashes! Look at all the features shown above. Think what you can do with one of these new, famous Buck Rogers Sonic Rays. Think what a wonderful gift it will make, too. Order one for yourself - and some for Christmas and birthday presents.

But order today. This is the sensation of the year. Comes to you boxed, instrument finished in beautiful, durable plastic in three colors! Complete with batteries and special booklet giving Morse and Buck Rogers Interplanetary Code."

If you order now this is just $2.50!


Buck Rogers Sonic Ray

Buck Rogers Sonic Ray - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book