This is a great war time advertisement, that appeared in Top Notch Laugh Comics in 1943.

"Here's the thrill that you have been dreaming about and waiting for. If you crave real flying sensations here they are! This training cockpit is not a toy - it will provide exciting hours of fun and spine-tingling thrills for the entire family.

It is a replica of a real airplane cockpit. Combining fun with actual aviation instructions. Every instrument moves, every lever works. Sit in it! Switch on the ignition. Slowly advance the throttle, ease back the stick and ZOOM ...."

It also has wheel controls and rudder pedals. Well, that is what the advertisement says anyway! Plus a bomber and secret bomb-sight for FREE!!

All this would have cost you $1.69 plus postage.


Bomb-Sight And Training Cockpit

Bomb-Sight And Training Cockpit - An Old Advertisement Taken From A Golden Age Comic Book