The Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact comic book was first published on March 12, 1946 by George A. Pflaum. It was Catholic-oriented as were some other titles Pflaum published such as: Young Catholic Messenger, Junior Catholic Messenger and Our Little Messenger.

Initially it was published every two weeks during the school year, but in the 1960's the size doubled and it was issued monthly. It was only available by subscription and was delivered direct to classrooms, in parochial schools. The title ceased with the last issue in July 1972.

The stories was mainly educational, but there was some other content including such as funny animal strips. The articles were often inspirational including biographies of heroes and saints, sports and science.

Many prominent artists drew for the title including: Jim Mooney, Jim Mooney, Graham Ingels, Joe Orlando, Joe Sinnott, Jim Mooney and Reed Crandall.

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Treasure Chest - 26 Issues