Stories By Famous Authors Illustrated was first published by Seaboard Publishing in August 1950.

The first five issues were reprints of Fast Fiction with new covers. Fast Fiction was also published by Seaboard, between October 1949 and March 1950.

As the title suggests the series featured adaptations of classic stories such as: Romeo and Juliet, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Nicholas Nickleby and Ben Hur.

Stories By Famous Authors Illustrated was designed as a competitor for the highly successful Classics Illustrated, first published in 1941. Classics Illustrated was created by Albert Kanter, and ran from 1941 to 1971 producing 169 issues.

Stories By Famous Authors Illustrated used some of the same artists as Classics Illustrated, such as Henry Carl Keifer. Seeing this and not wanting a competitor, Albert Kanter bought Stories By Famous Authors Illustrated, and folded the title.

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Stories By Famous Authors - 7 Issues