Poppo Of The Popcorn Theatre was first published by Fuller Publishing Company in October 1955. The series, which was issued weekly, ran for 13 issues and was produced for distribution in GA grocery stores.

The comic was created and produced by Charles Biro, also involved was Hy Fleishman.

After studying at both the Brooklyn Museum School of Art and the Grand Central School of Art, Charles Biro took a job at the Harry 'A' Chesler Shop. This was one of the earliest comics packaging art studios. Later in 1939 Biro left to join MLJ comics.

It was whilst at MLJ that Biro created and drew Steel Sterling. After two years Biro left to join Lev Gleason Publications, where he would remain for 15 years. His role there was the editorial director, head writer and cover artist. It was during this period that Biro worked on Daredevil, the comic he is best known for today.

After leaving Lev Gleason, in 1956, Biro moved into graphic design for television, spending his last ten years at NBC.

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Poppo Of The Popcorn Issue #10

Comic Book Cover For Poppo Of The Popcorn Issue #10 Fuller Publishing Company