In Prize Comics issue #7, published in December 1940, there appeared a eight-page feature titled 'New Adventures of Frankenstein', drawn and written by Dick Briefer. Briefer adopted the pseudonym 'Frank N. Stein' as the writer and based the story on the novel by Mary Shelley.

This appearance is considered by many historians as the beginning of the first comic book series to be placed firmly in the horror genre. As World War II was raging Frankenstein was soon in the front line fighting Nazi occupation in Europe.

In 1945 Frankenstein issue #1 appeared. With the war drawing to a close, Frankenstein has settled into a comfortable small-town life. He enjoys the company of his neighbors, such as the Wolfman and Dracula. This new humorous Frankenstein ran to 17 issues with the last one published in February 1949.

After three years Dick Briefer resumed the series, this time reverting back to his original more horrifying version of Frankenstein. This run lasted from issue #18 in March 1952 to issue #33 in November 1954.

After the demise of the series and the adoption of the Comics Code, Briefer left the industry and became a commercial advertising artist.

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