Fairy Tale Parade was first published, by Dell Publishing Co., in June 1942 and it ran for 9 issues until November 1944. The series is now critically acclaimed primarily as it showcases work by a true comic book great Walt Kelly. Kelly had recently left Walt Disney Studios and it was Walt Disney who advised him to work in comics.

The publishers were obviously extremely pleased with Kelly's work as at the front of issue #1 was a Foreword which is reproduced beneath:

'Fairy Tale Parade is an attempt to bring to young and old a series of picture books of folk tales and stories of many lands - not as a shortcut to reading but in the hope of instilling the desire to read and re-read the fairy tales, legends and myths of bygone days.

'Often we have longed for more pictures in our favorite fairy tale book. Now Walt Kelly, the artist who drew all the wonderful pictures in this book, makes our wish come true. So, let us go with him into the land of trolls and wicked witches.'

'Let us tip-toe through enchanted palaces past deep dungeons where iron chains clank and rattle, meet giants and tiny dwarfs. Let's step into the fairy ring and meet the little people.'

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Fairy Tale Parade - 9 Issues