Welcome to FuryComics.com All-Sorts Collection!

Here reside comics that did not fit into any of our other sections, but were just too good to throw away!

One of the treats in store is the delightful work of the legendary Walt Kelly, both in his series 'The Adventures of Peter Wheat' and also in 'Fairy Tale Parade'.

We also have a large selection of Frankenstein comics drawn and written by Dick Briefer. Plus, Charles Biro makes a great contribution to this section with, his Poppo of the Popcorn Theatre.

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All-Sorts Collection - 11 Titles (112 Issues)


Adventures Of Peter Wheat

Comic Book Cover For Adventures Of Peter Wheat Issue #7 Dell Publishing Co

Fairy Tale Parade

Comic Book Cover For Fairy Tale Parade Issue #1 Dell Publishing Co


Comic Book Cover For Frankenstein Issue #1 Crestwood Publications

Let's Pretend

Comic Book Cover For Lets Pretend Issue #1 D.S. Publishing Company

Picture News

Comic Book Cover For Picture News Issue #1 News in Color and Action, Inc

Poppo Of The Popcorn

Comic Book Cover For Poppo Of The Popcorn Issue #1 Fuller Publishing Company

Stories By Famous Authors

Comic Book Cover For Stories By Famous Authors Issue #1 Seaboard Publishing

Surprise Adventures

Comic Book Cover For Surprise Adventures Issue #3 Sterling Comics

The Pixies

Comic Book Cover For The Pixies Issue #1 Magazine Enterprises

Toyland Comics

Comic Book Cover For Toyland Comics Issue #1 Fiction House

Treasure Chest

Comic Book Cover For Treasure Chest Volume 10 Issue #1 George A. Pflaum