Tick Tock Tales was first published, by Magazine Enterprises, in January 1946. The series would run for 33 issues ending its run in December 1951. Most of the artwork for 'Tick Tock Tales' was created by Jason Art Studios, which was also known as the Leon Jason Studios.

Tick Tock Tales was a funny animals comic book aimed at young children. The most featured characters were a couple of bears named Koko and Kola, who were soon given their own title, that ran for six issues as well as appearing in a promotional comic Santa Claus and the Magic Bears.

Another regular in Tick Tock Tales was Tom-Tom the Jungle Boy, a youthful Tarzan who enjoyed adventures with his friend Tree-Trunk an elephant and a monkey named Itchi. Tom-Tom was given his own title which ran for three issues in 1947. Other characters in the comics included Judy and the Magic Chalk ('Everything Judy draws with her magic chalk becomes real'), Spanky, Goofus the Gopher and Chuck Chipmunk.

Launched the same year as Tick Tock Tales was The Pixies which featured Pete Pixie, who lived in Pixerary, with his girlfriend Polly Pixie and his three nephews called Tom, Dick and Harry. Pete was a superpixie who after reciting 'Pick a peck o' pixies!', would turn into The Mighty Atom. After 6 issues the title folded, but the Pixies still remained in Tick Tock Tales until its close.

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Tick Tock Tales - 1 Issue