The Barker was created by writer Joe Millard and artist Jack Cole. He made his first appearance in National Comics issue #42, published by Quality Comics, in May 1944. Although Millard and Cole created the series, they soon left and the person who is most associated with it is Klaus Nordling, who is better known for his work on Lady Luck.

Carnie Callahan worked at Colonel Lane's Mammoth Circus as a barker. A barker's job was to grab the attention of passers-by and lure them into the carnival sideshows and the name 'Carnie' is taken from a slang expression describing hangers-on to traveling carnivals.

The cast in the Barker stories were the standard carnival characters including: Tiny Tim a strong man, Lena The Fat Lady, Major Midge 'the smallest man in the world', Spudo the Spider Man, Peaches the Bearded Lady, and Bombo the Human Cannonball.

In Autumn of 1946 The Barker was given his own title which ran for 15 issues until December, 1949. The end was caused by Quality Comics folding.

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The Barker - 14 Issues