Supermouse made his first appearance in Coo Coo Comics issue #1, published by Standard Comics, in October 1942. This was the same month that Terrytoons introduced their animated character, also named Supermouse. The two are not connected and Terrytoons's mouse was soon renamed Mighty Mouse. The creator of Standard Comics' Supermouse was Kin Platt.

Supermouse, was married to Mabel. Other regular characters who appeared were his nephew named Roscoe and Terrible Tom who was his arch-enemy.

Supermouse gained his extraordinary powers by eating super cheese. The super cheese in turn derived its powers from the milk of a super cow, that it was made from.

Supermouse proved a popular character outliving Coo Coo Comics and gaining his own title in 1948. This ran until Standard Comics folded in 1958.

Apart from Kin Platt, other people to work on Supermouse were: Richard Hughes, Gene Fawcette and Dan Gordon, best known as being the creator of The Flintstones.

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