Plastic Man was created by the writer and artist Jack Cole. He made his first appearance in Police Comics issue #1, published by Quality Comics in August 1941.

Plastic Man's alter-ego is Patrick 'Eel' O'Brian. After being left an orphan at the age of 10, Eel was forced to live on the streets and resorted to a life of crime. During a robbery at Crawford Chemical Works Eel was shot and covered in some form of acid. He soon lapsed into unconsciousness and when he awoke he found himself in a monastery, being cared for by the monk who had found him.

After deciding to turn his back on crime, Eel discovered that the acid must have entered his bloodstream and now his body has the properties of rubber. He can stretch, change his shape and even bounce. These new powers Eel O'Brian uses along with help from his sidekick Woozy Winks to fight on the side of law and order.

With the demise of Quality Comics in 1956 and the acquisition by DC Comics of many of the characters, Plastic Man became a member of the DC Universe.

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Plastic Man - 10 Issues