After a few appearances in Hit Comics, Quality Comics gave Marmaduke Mouse his own title in Spring of 1946. This ran for over ten years until issue #65 in December, 1956. In fact after Blackhawk and Plastic Man, it was Quality's Comics third-longest lasting single-feature title.

Initially Marmaduke Mouse was drawn by Ernest 'Ernie' Hart, who specialized in funny animal comics. Today he is probably best known for the creation of 'Super Rabbit'.

The story lines were fairly similar, with Marmaduke Mouse lurching from one crisis to the next, normally whilst trying to get his employer King Louie the lion, out a jam. The one distinguishing thing about Marmaduke's appearance was that he wore a diaper!

With the demise of Quality Comics DC Comics purchased Quality Comics intellectual properties including Marmaduke Mouse. As their own line of funny animals, such as Peter Panda, the Dodo and the Frog, were performing poorly, DC Comics cancelled Marmaduke Mouse and he slowly slid into obscurity.

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Marmaduke Mouse - 22 Issues