In 1942 the cooperative Quality Bakers of America launched their Sunbeam Bread brand. To help with the promotional campaign, children's book illustrator Ellen Segner was commissioned to create a marketing symbol of a young child, which would become the iconic Little Miss Sunbeam.

Over the next six months Ellen Segner submitted hundreds of sketches until, close to her studio in Greenwich Village, she saw a young girl playing in Washington Square Park. Segner is quoted as saying:

'I knew the search was over. I knew immediately this was the child I had been looking for. Her captivating smile ... dimpled cheeks, blonde curls in upsweep hairdo ... most of all her big sparkling blue eyes was truly a Miss Sunbeam inspiration. I was thrilled when her mother consented to let her pose for me.'

During the 1950's a free promotional series of comics was produced, along with a larger comic, with a cover price of 10 cents published by Magazine Enterprises.

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Little Miss Sunbeam - 4 Issues