Hickory featuring 'America's Funniest Hillbilly' was first published by Quality Comics, in October 1949. The title would run until issue #6 published in August 1950.

Hickory was drawn by Harry Sahle, who had earlier along with the writer George Kapitan, created the Black Widow, the first female costumed superhero.

Whilst at MLJ comics Sahle, worked on their superhero characters including The Black Hood, Steel Sterling, and the Shield and then was involved in the development of the highly successful character of Archie Andrews.

Harry Sahle also created the teen-humor character Candy, and drew most of her appearances during a twelve year period. Amongst other notable achievements Sahle worked with Mickey Spillane, helping create the character Mike Danger, who Spillane would later develop into his famous detective Mike Hammer.

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Hickory - 4 Issues