The Aldrich Family was a radio comedy targeted at teenagers; it aired from 1939 until 1953.

The main character Henry Aldrich was the creation of the playwright Clifford Goldsmith. Aldrich appeared as a minor character in Goldsmith's play 'What a Life', first performed on April 13, 1938.

After seeing the play Rudy Vallee asked Clifford Goldsmith if he would write some comedy sketches using Henry that could be used on Vallee's radio show. This was followed by a 39 week run of sketches on The Kate Smith Hour. On July 2, 1939 The Aldrich Family was first broadcast on NBC. Within two years it had entered the top-ten ratings.

Henry Aldrich is a slightly goofy kid and many of the stories are centered on Henry's misadventures with both girls and with his friends. The actor who is best known for his portrayal of Henry Aldrich is Ezra Stone who also played him in the original Broadway play.

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Henry Aldrich Issue #21

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