Goofy Comics was first published by Standard Comics, under their Animated Cartoons imprint, in June 1943. The title would run for over ten years ending with issue #48.

Goofy Comics could lead to slight confusion. The title has nothing to do with Walt Disney's Goofy character and later in the run when Goofy Gander makes his debut, he is as the name implies a goose, but he actually looks like Donald Duck. There is a also a character called Daffy, but he is in fact a squirrel.

Like many of the other animal funnies of the time, the artists working on Goofy Comics mainly came from the animation industry. Many of the stories in Goofy Comics were written by Hubie Karp, who wrote many of the stories for Walt Disney Comics, especially Pluto.

Uncle Pigly was drawn by Kenneth Hultgren, one of Disney's top animal artists who worked on amongst other films Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi. Whitey, a laboratory rat, was drawn by Gil Turner, who during his career worked for the Walter Lantz Studio, Walt Disney and Hanna and Barbera. During the 1950s Gil Turner directed the Mr Magoo cartoons.

Other artists included Kenneth F. Champin who is best known for his work as an animator at Warner Bros. Jack Bradbury, who drew Goofy Comics' Bagshaw Bear, was responsible for some classic Disney scenes in amongst other films Bambi, Fantasia, and Pinocchio.

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