Giggle Comics was first published, by American Comics Group, in October 1943 and it would enjoy a long run finishing with issue #99 in January 1955. Many of the contributors to Giggle were cartoonists who worked in the animation industry such as: Ken Hultgren, Dan Gordon and Jack Bradury.

In issue #9 of Giggle Comics Superkatt made his debut. Superkatt was created by Dan Gordon, who is best known for his work at Hanna-Barbera where in particular he is credited as being a major influence in the development of The Flintstones. Superkatt has no powers, even though he believes he does and his superhero costume consists of diapers, an big bow tie and a blue bonnet. The other two main characters, apart from Superkatt, are his friend, a dog named Humphrey and the house maid Petunia. Superkatt proved popular enough to star in a Columbia Pictures cartoon.

Spencer Spook made his first appearance in issue #21, published in July 1945. He is very similar in character to Casper the Friendly Ghost, but works for living at the Acme Ghost Agency. Spencer Spook hires himself out for haunting jobs and seances. He was created by writer Hubie Karp and artist Ken Champin and became a regular in Giggle Comics for nearly ten years. His popularity meant that eventually Giggle Comics was renamed Spencer Spook for issue #100 published in March 1955, but after just one more issue in May 1955 the run finished.

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