Gabby was first published by Quality Comics, in July 1953. The first issue was sequenced as #11 as it was a continuation from Ken Shannon. This was then corrected with the second issue which was #2.

Gabby was one of the final titles released by Quality Comics and was aimed at the teen humor market that was created and largely dominated by the highly successful Archie Andrews.

The Quality Comics character should not be confused with Fleischer Studio's character of the same name. There is also another comic book character named Gabby, who is a highly intelligent monkey owned by Doc Wackey and appeared in the Midnight stories.

Gabby billed as 'Louder And Funnier' featured Gabby, an 'average teen', his fickle girlfriend Taffy and the rival for her hand Smedley. Gabby was no match for Archie Andrews and lasted only nine issues ending its run in September 1954.

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Gabby - 9 Issues