Funnyman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who previously and more famously, co-created Superman. After leaving DC Comics and suing the company over the rights to Superman the pair joined their former editor at DC Comics, Vin Sullivan, in his new venture Magazine Enterprises.

Funnyman's real identity is Larry Davis, a television comedian with red hair; his mannerisms were based on Danny Kaye. In order to obtain publicity Larry's manager, June Farrell suggests that he perform some sort of superhero stunt. Unfortunately, this does not go according to plan and instead Larry finds himself involved in a real crime scene. Still believing that this is all part of the stunt Larry apprehends the criminal, only finding out later that it was in fact real.

After this adventure Larry realizes that he enjoys fighting crime and dons a costume to begin his mission, calling himself Funnyman.

Funnyman issue #1 was published in January 1948 and ran until August the same year, ending with the sixth issue. A newspaper comic strip soon followed, in October of that year. This strip was also unsuccessful and soon shelved.

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Funnyman - 6 Issues