'Fawcetts's Funny Animals was first published in December 1942, the title was shortened to 'Funny Animals' with issue #83 in December, 1953.

Making his debut in the first issue was Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, a spin-off of Captain Marvel. Created by Chad Grothkopf, Hoppy appeared in nearly all of the Funny Animals run. Initially he was the Captain Marvel Bunny, but this was dropped to just Hoppy. He is a big Captain Marvel fan and one day, copying his hero Hoppy says 'Shazam!', and he is magically turned into the Captain Marvel Bunny. An infrequent character is Millie, who is Hoppy's rather reluctant girlfriend and has a crush on Captain Marvel Bunny not realizing that they are the same person.

After issue #83rd was published in December 1953 Fawcett ceased trading, but this was not the end of Funny Animals as it was acquired by Charlton Publications who continued the run in April, 1953.

One of the last issues of Funny Animals ran a Merry Mailman feature. The Merry Mailman was an early children's television entertainer played by Ray Heatherton. The character was based on a 1938 children's record sung by Heatherton, who was originally a singer and Broadway musical theatre performer. The television show was first broadcast in October 16, 1950. Performing with Ray Heatherton were Chic Darrow and Milt Moss. The show proved very popular and also had a slot on the radio.

Funny Animals ended with issue #91 published in February, 1956. The title was changed to Li'l Tomboy, but retained the sequence numbers that started with the original Fawcett's Funny Animals beginning its run at #92.

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