Egbert was first published, by Quality Comics, in the Spring of 1946. The title would run for 20 issues until August 1950.

Ernie Hart was the main contributor to the early issues. He is best remembered now for Marvel Comics' funny animal character, Super Rabbit. Hart also worked on such comics as Terrytoons Comics, Animated Funny Comic-Tunes and Mighty Mouse. Hart was also the artist who first drew Marmaduke Mouse and King Louie the lion.

The stars of the title were Egbert, billed as 'the world's funniest chicken' and his 'sly pal' a fox named The Count. In the introductory story Egbert is convinced by the Count that he is in fact an owl and that the detective Nero Owl is in fact a fox.

Another funny animal series drawn by Ernie Hart and debuting in issue #1 is Rollo Raccoon and Picklefoot Pig. Rather confusingly in the same year The Raccoon Kids appeared in DC Comics' Animal Antics. The Raccoon Kids are twins named Rudy and Rollo Raccoon. Other characters appearing in Egbert included Bunnyhunch and Buzz 'The Bunny Boys', Beanie Bear 'The Cub Scout' and a chimp named Rasputin.

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Egbert - 6 Issues