Cookie made his debut in a one-shot comic titled 'Topsy-Turvy Comics', published by R.B. Leffingwell in April 1945. After exactly a year he was appearing in his own title published by Michel Publications Inc., soon to be known as American Comics Group.

The star of the title is teenager Cookie O'Toole who attends Harelip High School. The series relays his misadventures along with the rest of the cast that includes: his businessman father and his mother, the love interest is supplied by Angelpuss, his best pal is Jitterbuck and his deadly rival, Zoot. The humor was slapstick combined with rather low-brow gags.

Cookie was the creation of Dan Gordon, who had already introduced, what would be another long-running character, Superkatt. Dan Gordon was a highly respected animator who had worked at Max Fleischer's studios. Later he would be employed by Hanna-Barbera where amongst other shows he was highly influential in the creation of The Flintstones.

Cookie would prove to be a long running title lasting nine years and with the final issue #55 published in September 1955.

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Cookie - 18 Issues