Coo Coo Comics was first published, by Standard Comics, in October 1942.

Coo Coo Comics is best known for the debut of Supermouse, who made his first appearance in issue #1. Supermouse, created by Kin Platt, gained his powers by eating super cheese made from the milk of a super cow. Along with wife Mabel and his two nephews Roscoe and Terrible Tom, Supermouse was a popular regular in Coo Comics gaining his own title in 1948, which ran until Standard Comics folded in 1958. Apart from the creator Kin Platt, others who worked on Supermouse were: Richard Hughes creator of Herbie, Gene Fawcette and Dan Gordon, who is better known as the creator of The Flintstones.

Coo Coo Comics enjoyed a long run until issue #56 in April 1951. With issue #57, published in June 1951 it was renamed Coo Coo, The Bird Brain but after four issues the name reverted back to Coo Coo Comics for two more issues. The run finally coming to and end with issue #62, in April 1952. Some of the artists involved during these years include: Frank Frazetta, Al Hubbard, Don R. Christensen and Jack Bradbury.

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Coo Coo - 4 Issues