Candy made her first appearance in Police Comics issue #37, published by Quality Comics, in December 1944. She continued in this title nearly six years with her final appearance in issue #102 in October 1950, at which time Police Comics concentrated on crime. During this time Candy also ran in her own title. The first issue was in the Fall of 1947 and the run lasted for 64 issues until July 1956.

Placed firmly in the teen-humor genre, Candy was the creation of Harry Frank Sahle. She was a small-town American girl called Candace O'Connor living in Hartwick. Also appearing were her boyfriend Ted Dawson, her pals Tina and Trish and her rival Cornelia Clyde.

Harry Sahle, along with writer Elmer Groggin, also produced a Candy comic strip, first syndicated by the Chicago Times Syndicate on October 2, 1944. Soon the strip was taken over by Tom Dorr, who continued drew it for the next 25 years.

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Candy - 40 Issues