The Fighting Yank first appeared in Nedor Comics, Startling Comics issue #10 in September 1941. His creators were writer Richard E. Hughes and artist Jon L. Blummer. In later issues the artwork was produced by Elmer Wexler and Jack Binder's studio. In September 1942, issue #1 of Fighting Yank was published.

As the Fighting Yank was created during World War II, he was one of the patriotic heroes such as Captain America and The Shield who were popular at the time.

The Fighting Yank's alter-ego is Bruce Carter III. His life changed irrevocably when the ghost of his ancestor Bruce Carter I appeared. He was a hero from the American War of Independence. The ghost shows Bruce Carter III the location of a magical cloak that grants the wearer both invulnerability and superhuman strength. The only other person who knows of these powers is Bruce Carter's girlfriend, Joan Farwell.

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The Fighting Yank Issue #28

Comic Book Cover For The Fighting Yank Issue #28 Nedor Comics