The Doll Man was the creation of Will Eisner and first appeared in the story 'Meet the Doll Man', which appeared in Feature Comics issue #27 in December, 1939.

The real identity of the Doll Man is a research chemist called Darrell Dane. Dane has invented a formula that allows him to shrink to just six inches tall, but to still keep his normal sized strength.

Helping Doll Man, 'The World's Mightiest Mite', in his fight against crime is a Great Dane called 'Elmo the Wonder Dog'. He also has the 'Dollplane' which when not in use just appears to be a model airplane.

Doll Man stories were included in 'Feature Comics', the earlier ones being written by Will Eisner using the pen name 'William Erwin Maxwell' and the art by Lou Fine, succeeded later by Reed Crandall. Doll Man's own comic book series ran for 47 issues between 1941 and 1953, after which no more original stories were published for the next twenty years.

At the end of 1956 Quality Comics ceased trading and the rights to Doll Man were bought by DC Comics, who have since used him sparingly.

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The Doll Man Issue #23

Comic Book Cover For The Doll Man Issue #23 Feature Comics