The Blue Beetle made his first appearance in Mystery Men Comics issue #1, published by Fox Feature Syndicate (commonly known as Fox Comics) in August 1939. The artist Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski used the pseudonym Charles Nicholas.

The Blue Beetle's real identity is a rookie police officer named Dan Garret. Wearing a bulletproof costume and after taking '2-X vitamin', which gives him super strength he engages in his fight against crime. Assisting the Blue Beetle in his mission is a neighborhood pharmacist.

At the height of his popularity the Blue Beetle not only had his own title, but also a comic strip and a radio serial.

Rights to the Blue Beetle were acquired by Charlton Comics in the mid 1950's. After which he has made the occasional reappearance.

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The Blue Beetle Issue #20

Comic Book Cover For The Blue Beetle Issue #20 Fox Feature Syndicate