The Avenger was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Dick Ayers and made his first appearance in The Avenger issue #1, published in March 1955 by Magazine Enterprises. Bob Powell drew the further three issues and all four of the covers.

The series was very short lived and only ran for 4 issues, the last dated August 1955.

The Avenger's alter-ego is Roger Wright, a brilliant scientist, who has designed a new aircraft called the Starjet.

Spies from the Soviet Union kidnap Wright's brother in order to blackmail him into giving them the plans for the plane. Wright, however, dons a superhero disguise and using the Starjet embarks on a failed mission to rescue his brother. He then takes an oath to fight tyranny as The Avenger.

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The Avenger Issue #1

Comic Book Cover For The Avenger Issue #1 Magazine Enterprises