Shield-Wizard Comics was first published by MLJ Magazines Inc, in the Summer of 1940. It continued on a quarterly basis for 13 issues, until Spring 1944. The comic book was named after its two main superheroes: The Shield and The Wizard.

The Wizard was created by Will Harr and Edd Ashe Jr and first appeared in issue #1 of Top-Notch Comics in December 1939. He was one of the original superheroes, appearing just a year after Superman.

The alter-ego of the Shield is a genius named Blane Whitney. President Woodrow Wilson told Blane, when he was 14, to use his mental powers for good and not evil; he is also a supreme athlete. To aid him in his fight, The Wizard has invented many contraptions, such as a vibra-ray gun and a 500mph car.

The Shield made his debut in Pep Comics issue #1, in January 1940. He was the creation of Harry Shorten and Irv Novick and was one of the first patriotic superheroes.

The Shields real identity is a chemist called Joe Higgins. His father Lieutenant Tom Higgins was killed by Hans Fritz, a German saboteur, whilst he was experimenting on a chemical that would create super strength in a human. Joe continues his father's work and finds the answer. By applying chemicals to various parts of his body and then using X-rays he has superpowers. His name comes from those parts of the body he uses: Sacrum, Heart, Innervation, Eyes, Lungs, Derma.

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Shield-Wizard Comics - 12 Issues