Phantom Lady made her first appearance in Police Comics issue #1, published by Quality Comics, in August 1941. Making her one of the first female superheroes. The artists involved in these early years included: Arthur Peddy, Joe Kubert, Frank Borth and Rudy Palais.

The Phantom Lady's secret identity is Sandra Knight, the attractive daughter of U.S. Senator Henry Knight. One night Sandra Knight discovers a couple of assassins who are scheming the death of her father. Using just a rolled-up newspaper she thwarts their plans. This is the beginning of her fight for justice.

Soon Sandra Knight finds a 'black light ray projector' that was sent to her father by Professor Davis. She modifies this to make it into a weapon that can blind her assailants and also if turned onto herself makes her invisible.

Over the years the Phantom Lady has been published by a series of companies. During Fox Feature Syndicate's reign Matt Baker altered Phantom Lady's clothes, making them much more revealing and a classic example of 'good girl art'. After the self-censoring Comics Code Authority came into existence in 1954, she was more modestly dressed.

The current publisher of Phantom Lady stories is DC Comics.

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Phantom Lady Issue #16

Comic Book Cover For Phantom Lady Issue #16 Quality Comics