Mary Marvel was created by Otto Binder and Marc Swayze, who based the character on the actress Judy Garland. She made her first appearance in Captain Marvel Adventures issue #18, published by Fawcett Comics in 1942.

Mary Marvel is part of the Marvel Family, who are friends and family of Captain Marvel. Mary Marvel is the alter-ego of Mary Batson whose adopted name is Mary Bromfield. She is the teenage twin sister of Billy Batson, whose alter-ego is Captain Marvel. Like her brother, Mary has also been granted superpowers by the wizard known as Shazam.

Mary Marvel was one of the first female spin-offs of a superhero, predating Superman's female cousin Supergirl, who was also created by Otto Binder, by over ten years.

In 1953, following on from the copyright infringement lawsuit brought by National Comics (later DC Comics), the Marvel family were shelved. In 1972, after a licensing deal, DC Comics relaunched the Marvel Family in a new series titled Shazam! the last issue of which was in 1978. Since that time the character has appeared in a variety of publications.

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Mary Marvel Comics Issue #3

Comic Book Cover For Mary Marvel Comics Issue #3 Fawcett Comics