Kid Eternity made his debut in Hit Comics issue #25, published by Quality Comics, in December 1942.

The Kid did not know his own name and just remembered his grandfather calling him 'Kid'. He was killed when a U-Boat sank his grandfather's fishing boat, but this was an error, as he was supposed to die seventy-five years later. To correct this blunder, the Kid was brought back to life, to live for another seventy-five years. He was also tasked with fighting evil.

To help him in the mission he was granted the power to call up any historical or mythological character, by uttering the words 'Eternity'. Aiding Kid Eternity is Mr Keeper, the clerk that made the error that brought about his original demise.

In the Spring of 1946 Kid Eternity's popularity earned him his own title, which continued until issue #18 in November 1949. In 1956 Quality Comics' characters were sold to DC comics. After many years the company relaunched Kid Eternity in the early 1970s. Since that time the character has made various reappearances.

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Kid Eternity - 8 Issues