Hangman Comics was first published by MLJ Magazines Inc, in the Spring of 1942. The series editor was Harry Shorten. MLJ Magazines, commonly known as MLJ Comics, started the series with issue #2 following it on from Special Comics issue #1 published the previous Winter of 1941.

The main character on the short run of 7 issues was the Hangman. He appeared in three stories in each of the issues and normally in a text story. The masked superhero had made his debut in issue #17 of Pep Comics in July 1941. Also appearing in each issue was 'Boy Buddies' which teamed up the Shield's sidekick 'Dusty the Boy Detective' and the Wizard's partner 'Roy the Superboy'.

After issue #8 Hangman Comics was retitled Black Hood Comics, where the Hangman appeared for the first three issues. The Hangman also continued with his appearances in Pep Comics

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Hangman Comics - 8 Issues