The Green Mask's first appearance was in Mystery Man Comics issue #1, published by Fox Feature Syndicate, in August 1939. The artist was Walter Frehm and although uncredited the writer might have been Will Eisner.

The Green Mask's real identity was a private detective named Michael Shelby (in some early issues Selby was used). After being exposed to a mysterious 'vita-ray' Shelby developed superpowers. In 1940 the Green Mask was given his own title and also a sidekick called Domino.

In Mystery Man Comics issue #31, published in February 1942, the Green Mask made his last appearance for a couple of years.

In August 1944 the Green Mask returned, in issue #10 of The Green Mask. His identity is now Johnny Green, the son of the original Green Mask. This second appearance ended with issue #17 in October 1946.

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Green Mask - 4 Issues