Cat-Man made his first appearance in issue #4 of Crash Comics, published by Holyoke Publishing, in September 1940. He was the creation of Charles M. Quinlan and Irwin Hasen.

Cat-Man's, alter-ego was David Merrywether an orphan and who was raised in the jungles of Burma by a tigress. Being brought up by tigers gives David Merrywether his superhuman powers such as: strength and agility, enhanced night vision and also the cat's 'nine lives'. After returning to the United States David becomes a private investigator and later an army officer. He also starts his fight against crime.

During one episode Cat-man rescues an 11 year old circus acrobat called Katie Conn, who is being forced into a life of crime by her guardian uncle. David adopts Katie and soon she is his partner in the battle for justice and is known as Kitten.

In May, 1941 Cat-man was given his own title which ran for 32 issues, until the demise of Holyoke Publishing in 1946.

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Cat-Man Comics Issue #6

Comic Book Cover For Cat-Man Comics Issue #6 Holyoke Publishing