Captain Midnight was first broadcast on radio between 1938 and 1949. The show was created by Wilfred G. Moore and Robert M. Burtt and sponsored by the Skelly Oil Company.

Captain Midnight's real name is Captain Jim 'Red' Albright a World War I army pilot. He gained the name Captain Midnight after he returned from a dangerous mission dead on the stroke of midnight. At the start of the series 'Red' Albright is working as a private aviator, but with the outbreak of war he is recruited to run the Secret Squadron, an aviation based anti-sabotage unit.

In 1942, Captain Midnight was made into a 15 episode serial by Columbia Pictures, starring Dave O'Brien in the title role. In 1954, a TV series was produced that starred Richard Webb, this ran for 39 episodes until January 21 1956.

In 1941, Dell became the first to publish Captain Midnight in comic book form. In June 1942, Fawcett Publications began their own series of Captain Midnight, which ran until 1948. Their character had little in common with that on the radio and was very much in the superhero mould. His secret identity was changed into that of a brilliant inventor, with a secret laboratory in the Nevada desert. Otto Binder was one of the writers; artists involved included: Clem Weis-Becker, Leonard Frank, Al Bare and Lincoln Cross.

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