Bulletman was created by Bill Parker and Jon Smalle and made his appearance in Nickel Comics issue #1 published by Fawcett Comics.

Jim Barr's father was a police officer, who was killed on duty. Rejected from the police force on physical grounds, he starts a career in ballistics. During his time in the lab he has invented a 'crime cure' that enhances not only his strength, but also his brain power. Barr has also developed a Gravity Regulator Helmet, which allows him to fly and also deflects bullets.

With these powers he embarks on his fight for law and order. He is soon joined on this mission by Susan Kent, his girlfriend and future wife. She too wears a helmet and adopts the the name Bulletgirl.

During their heyday Bulletman and Bulletgirl were Fawcett Comics' most popular characters, after Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family.

In 1972 DC Comics acquired Bulletman and Bulletgirl and the rest of the Fawcett comics characters.

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Bulletman Issue #7

Comic Book Cover For Bulletman Issue #7 Fawcett Comics