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Apart from, there are many other fine sites that showcase comic books. In fact there are too many to list here, so we have chosen what we believe to be the very best to get you started in finding out more about the Golden Age Of Comic Books.

The Digital Comic Museum and Golden Age Comics

Between them these two sites hold thousands of Golden Age comic books that are free to download. The members are adding new scans on a daily basis, so there is always something new to find. Both the sites also have a lively and very knowledgeable forum, which it is great to follow and also to get answers to any questions you have.

The majority of the comics on Fury Comics were scanned by the members of these two sites.

Don Markstein's Toonopedia

An absolutely invaluable resource that first launched Tuesday, February 13, 2001. The quirky, witty and slightly eccentric Toonopedia aims to cover the 'entire spectrum of American cartoonery' including animation, newspaper strips, magazines and comic books. A very ambitious one-man project that really is succeeding in its mission!

Golden Age Comic Books Index 1935 - 1955 (Revised Edition)

This is the work of Howard Keltner, who unfortunately died in 1998. It is a meticulous index of Golden Age Comics, consisting of 417 pages of small type in tabular format.

This is probably the best single resource available and a major reference work. To view this you will need Adobe Reader installed.


Wikipedia really needs no introduction, as it is one of the true gems of the net. But, maybe it is not the place that you would expect to find too much about comics. In fact there is a wealth of information including: publishers, titles and the comic book creators themselves.

Grand Comics Database

This is a nonprofit organization with a community of volunteers. It is an invaluable resource and its goal is to index every comic book ever made. That is in every country, so it is some project!!! The site has an easy to use searchable database and also features cover images.

Notes For Penn State Integrative Arts 10

These are course lecture notes. The different pages, of which this is the first, give a great overview of the early history of comic books, and lead us through to the present day. It seems a really interesting course!

Cover Browser

Little more needs to be said apart from Cover Browser holds over 450,000 covers of comic book, which you can find via links or an easy search function.

This collection includes great art work from the Golden Age, Silver Age and more recent books. This site is great for just surfing around.

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine

This site has been running since 2006 and is the major blog for Golden Age comic fans.

Regularly updated it features personal articles along with covers and selected stories. Great fun!


This organization was established over 35 years ago with the aim to 'promote and encourage the art and craft of animation.'

As there is a massive crossover between animation and comic books, ASIFA-Hollywood's digital archive contains a wealth of information about comics and comic book artists, from the beginnings to now.

These links are provided for your information, no responsibility can be accepted for the contents of these sites.